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"Five axiomatic propositions of Canadian Nationalism vis-a-vis the Americans:

1. Boy, we hate Americans.

2. We really do.

3. Really.

4. I'm not kidding. We really hate them.

5. So how come they never pay us any attention?"

--Will Ferguson, Why I Hate Canadians, Vancouver: Douglas & McIntyre, 1997, p.105.


Friday, February 15, 2002

Let's call it a tie! Whew! Just had a whirlwind trip back to Boston on Thursday. Sorry for not posting anything yesterday or earlier today. Of course, there has been only one story in Canada for the last 48 hours: the skating pair, Sale and Pelletier. The latest news is that they'll be awarded a gold medal, and the Russians will still keep theirs. Oh, and the judge from that shitty medium-sized country France has been suspended for misconduct. Anyway, I'll be back with a vengeance tomorrow!!!

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